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ANC Crisis May Foreshadow Its Demise

Raymond Suttner Daily Maverick
The ANC now signifies dishonourable conduct. It is habituated to preying on the poor, manifested in defrauding funds intended for the needs of the impoverished majority. It may now be a case of needing to say, ‘good riddance’ or ‘your time is up’.

Mandela in Cuba

Raymond Suttner New Frame
Nelson Mandela visited the island nation in 1991. His interactions with Fidel Castro would inform some of his negotiations with the National Party to end apartheid.


Long Past Due: Joan Wallach Scott's On the Judgment of History.

Scott McLemee Inside Higher Ed
Three efforts to right historical wrongs - Nuremberg Trials' prosecution of Nazi war crimes but not crimes against its own people, South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation established the former if not the latter, and today's demand for reparations.

The Revolutionary Life and Times of Ruth First, and Her Legacy (long)

Ronnie Kasrils Umsebenzi Online
Ruth Heloise First was an outstanding revolutionary, who through practical experience became focused on developing ideas to drive social action. Biographical tribute by her comrade and friend, Ronnie Kasrils, on the 38th year of her assassination.
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