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Global Left Midweek – June 5, 2024

Irish reunification in the age of the EU

Mexican President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum of the leftist Morena party waves to supporters in Mexico City. Credit, Gerardo Vieyra / NurPhoto via Getty Images
  1. Self-Determination and the Future of Europe
  2. Election Aftermaths
  3. Child Migrants Make a Stand in Paris
  4. Ecuador, China, Oil and Climate Justice
  5. Pride Around the World
  6. Nigerian Unions Warn of More Strike Action
  7. KPÖ: A Party on the Rise
  8. On Palestinian Unity
  9. Venezuelan Women Build Grassroots Initiatives
  10. Guyanese PPP Dropping “Marxism-Leninism”


Self-Determination and the Future of Europe

Declan Kearney / trnsform!europe (Vienna)

Irish reunification is not inevitable, but it is closer than at any time in history. These European Parliament elections are an opportunity to unite in common purpose for equality and hope for the future. National self-determination should be central to our democratic vision for Europe.

Election Aftermaths

Child Migrants Make a Stand in Paris

Christophe Domec / Novara Media (London)

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Once a factory for brass musical instruments and later the meeting point for France’s metalworkers’ union, the Maison des Metallos is a symbol of Belleville’s rapidly disappearing working class. Now in its seventh week of occupation, the Maison is currently home to the Collectif des Jeunes du Parc de Belleville, or the Belleville Park Youth Collective.

Ecuador, China, Oil and Climate Justice

Gabriela Mesones Rojo and Alicia Chen / Global Voices (Amsterdam)

Ecuador is the first country in the world to halt oil exploitation through a referendum. Despite the pressure from environmental groups and Indigenous communities, Ecuador’s government now plans to ignore the popular vote. Meanwhile, Sinopec and CEDC, Chinese oil companies that hold several oil drilling contracts in the reserve, have remained silent on the government's decision. 

Pride Around the World

WTOP News (Chevy Chase)

Pride Month is a worldwide celebration of LGBTQ+ culture and rights, and it kicked off at the top of June, with celebrations, events and parades all around the world. Pride has expanded into countless other cities and countries, like Thailand, where the country is on course to become the first Southeast Asian nation to legalize marriage equality.

Video: Nigerian Unions Warn of More Strike Action

Channels Television (Lagos)

Nigerias trade unions have suspended a general strike by workers that has brought economic activity to a halt this week. The decision comes after the government promised to increase the national minimum wage to at least 60,000 naira ($40, £32) a month. The strike began on Monday and led to the shutdown of the country's power grid, leaving millions without electricity.

KPÖ: A Party on the Rise

Georg Kurz and Sarah Pansy / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Berlin)

Public interest in Austrias Communist Party rises dramatically after every successful election. We have a broader understanding of our potential as a party: we want a society based in solidarity, so we have already begun organizing it. We are “deinstitutionalizing” by building community structures ourselves and gradually taking on more and more state responsibilities.

On Palestinian Unity

Ramzy Baroud / Palestine Chronicle (Mountlake Terrace WA)

Thanks to Palestinian memory, Palestinians are once more united around their understanding of the past, the steadfastness of the present and the hope for a just future.

Venezuelan Women Build Grassroots Initiatives

Ana Priscila Alves and Bianca Pessoa / Capire (Ankara)

In Venezuela, women resist and are at the forefront of the political struggle, from everyday life to broader collective processes. Here are some organizing and mobilization experiences by Venezuelan women building a society centered around life, free from violence. 

Guyanese PPP Dropping “Marxism-Leninism”

Denis Chabrol / Demerara Waves (Georgetown)

Persons familiar with the PPP’s evolution, believed that a move to remove Marxism-Leninism and socialism from their party’s constitution was aimed at satisfying the United States, Guyana’s major trading, investor and national security sector partner.