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Why There’s Joy in Right-Wing Media Mudville

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Kareem Substack
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's take on why right-wing media and politicians hate the U.S. women's soccer team and are celebrating its loss at the World Cup.

On the Anniversary of ‘The Fire Next Time’

David Shih The Progressive
Rereading The Fire Next Time after the death of Michael Brown, and then again after that of George Floyd, changed the book for me—because those events had changed me. I want my students to have that same opportunity in their own time, not just mine.

The Segregationist Roots of Anti-Woke Ideology

Lawrence B. Glickman Slate
After Brown v. Board of Education in 1954, segregationists attempted to use state power to punish progressive corporations, civil rights groups, and media outlets; pundits condemned what they saw as the narrowing of acceptable discourse.

Friday Nite Videos | April 7, 2023

TN Lawmaker Responds to Expulsion. AOC Calls Out Republicans' "Wokeism" Term. Mehdi Hasan Debates Matt Taibbi. The Corporations Bringing Back Child Labor. The Guardian’s Links to Slavery: ‘That Reality Can’t Be Negotiated With.’

Friday Nite Videos | March 10, 2023

Trump's Nightmare: Indictment | Brian Tyler Cohen. Chemical Apocalypse: What We Saw in East Palestine. Ted Lasso — Season 3. The Largest River On Earth Is in The Sky. Ron DeSantis | Last Week Tonight.

Ron DeSantis | Last Week Tonight

John Oliver discusses Ron DeSantis, his track record as the governor of Florida, the pitfalls of comparing him to Donald Trump, and the supposed dangers of “woke math.”

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