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Friday Nite Videos | April 7, 2023

TN Lawmaker Responds to Expulsion. AOC Calls Out Republicans' "Wokeism" Term. Mehdi Hasan Debates Matt Taibbi. The Corporations Bringing Back Child Labor. The Guardian’s Links to Slavery: ‘That Reality Can’t Be Negotiated With.’

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Tennessee Lawmaker Responds to Expulsion from State House

Justin Jones: "They thought they would silence us, but in fact they amplified it"

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Republicans' "Wokeism" Term

AOC talks about Kevin McCarthy, Republican hearings on "wokeism" and Tennessee Republicans expelling Democrats who led protest chants for gun reform.

Mehdi Hasan Debates Matt Taibbi on the 'Twitter Files'

Is the 'Twitter Files' story really as big, as damning, as revealing as Matt Taibi and Elon Musk claim it is?

The Corporations Bringing Back Child Labor in America

An Iowa bill would allow kids young as 14 to work in meatpacking plants. Our investigation sheds light on its corrupt origins.

The Guardian’s Links to Slavery: ‘That Reality Can’t Be Negotiated With’

Historians David Olusoga and Dr Cassandra Gooptar reveal how the Manchester Guardian’s 19th-century founders had connections to transatlantic enslavement

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