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Take Action to Fix a Broken Senate

Isaiah Poole Campaign for America's Future
The Campaign for America’s Future is joining 100 other organizations in delivering a message to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Republican counterpart, Mitch McConnell: Enough is enough. End the obstruction. Stop the constant abuse of the filibuster.

Solidarity NOT Forever: How the Supreme Court Kicked Retirees Into the Gutter

Prof. Ellen Dannin and Ann Hodges, Truthout News Analysis Truthout
The Supreme Court's decision in Allied Chemical Workers v. Pittsburgh Plate Glass to give employers complete control of retiree benefits undercuts the purpose of the National Labor Relations Act and leaves vulnerable, retired employees powerless to protect themselves from costly changes in benefits.

Leo Branton - Litigated Freedom for Angela Davis

Daphne Muse Portside
Leo Branton, who died on April 19, was a member of a formidable defense team that conducted a successful courtroom defense of radical black activist and former UCLA professor Angela Davis. He was a prominent entertainment lawyer who also conducted numerous important civil rights court cases.

Nicolas Maduro Did Not Steal the Venezuelan Election

Greg Palast Vice
The Venezuelan election was nearly stolen – by the US-backed anti-Chávistas. How? That’s what Chávez wanted Maduro to find out from me: how could US operatives jerk with Venezuela’s voter rolls? It wasn’t a mere policy question: they knew Chávez wouldn't be allowed to survive through another coup. My answer: They could steal the vote the same way Bush did it in Florida – in fact, using the very same contractor. Take a look at these documents.

Friday Nite Videos -- April 26, 2013

Gil Scott-Heron -- Work for Peace. Money to be made in conspiracy dating. Harvest of Empire / Global Labor Film Festival. The moral behavior of animals. The Bartles and Jaymes of austerity economics.

Labor Needs a Makeover: "The Organizing Model - As American as Apple Pie"

Mark Zimmerman Portside
Most US union members belong to very large, highly bureaucratized organizations - the 3 million member NEA, the 2 million member SEIU, the 1.3 million member AFSCME and Teamsters, and so on. Change - whether it be to elect a new slate of officers or to change organizational culture - is a daunting challenge: There are often complex hoops that member-activists and local leaders have to jump through to get dissenting or diverging voices heard.

Tidbits - April 25, 2013

Readers Comments: Henry Kissinger; Richie Havens; Chechnya, Terrorism; Whither the Socialist Left; Korea; Venezuela; Texas Plant; Nude Protests; Robin Hood Tax; Labor's Organizing Model; Announcements: Angela Y. Davis, Feminism & Abolition: Theories & Practices for 21st Century - Chicago - May 3; Labor Historians - AFL-CIO Needs Your Help: Organizing: New & Forgotten Methods; Maudelle Shirek Memorial - Berkeley - Apr 30; Resource: Workers Memorial Day - April 28