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After Brexit: You Can Get Anything You Want at the Vulture Restaurant

Adam Ramsay OpenDemocracy
Vultures in a feeding frenzy.
The Brexit promoted by Tory hardliners has long been about pulling Britain under the shadow of US capital. US business will asset-strip the UK, but that’s not all: the Pentagon will find the little-known fragments of the British empire very useful.

What a Socialist Society Could Actually Look Like

An interview with Sam Gindin Jacobin
Socialists have to wrestle with the tricky questions about the nuts and bolts of socialism. We need to put forward a credible vision of a future socialist society. Here’s what that society could look like.

The GMO American Chestnut

Dr. Rachel Smolker and Anne Petermann Independent Science News
Restoration of a Beloved Species or Biotech Trojan Horse?

There is Reason to Fear for the Safety of Every Kashmiri in India

Ather Zia Al Jazeera
Revoking Article 370 is the latest step in the BJP's plan to transform India into an unapologetically Hindu-only nation in which no other identity is welcomed. With that decree, India's president signed the death warrant of India's democracy.

The Red Summer of 1919, Explained

Ursula Wolfe-Rocca Teen Vogue
Red Summer 0f 1919 — so deemed by NAACP leader James Weldon Johnson to capture its sheer bloodiness — is a study in what historian Carol Anderson calls white rage. African Americans fought back, including in numerous incidents of armed self-defense.

What the Socialists Just Did—and Why

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
At its biennial convention last weekend, DSA passed a headline-grabbing resolution declaring that it would not endorse any Democrat save Bernie Sanders in next year’s November presidential runoff.