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Algeria in Revolt: "We Woke Up and You Will Pay!"

Hamza Hamouchene Roar Magazine
The abdication of President Bouteflika is a historic victory for the Algerian people — but the struggle for a true democratic transition is far from over.

In the Wake of Cyclone Idai, the North Has a Climate Debt to Pay

William Minter Foreign Policy in Focus
Even as local and international relief efforts gear up, there is a need to also focus on broader global implications. The causal connection between climate change and extreme weather events, such as Cyclone Idai, is clear.

Organizing in the Mueller Moment

Daniel Doubet Organizing Upgrade
activists meeting
The opportunity for organizers is to parlay the widespread and deeply felt revulsion to Trump as a vile individual into a deeper structural analysis by building on-ramps to a movement to destroy the structures and systems behind him.