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A Call for President Obama to Change Course on Education

Arthur H. Camins Washington Post
With the election behind us, it is time for the Obama administration to step back from its education policy and access whether its foundation is sound and supported by evidence. It is a moment to summon the courage to change course.

GOP No Longer Behaves Like a Traditional Political Party

Ed Kilgore, James Vega and J.P. Green The Democratic Strategist
It's time to face a harsh reality: the GOP no longer behaves like a traditional American political party. It has become an extremist party. Moderates and sensible conservatives need to firmly reject and condemn this deeply disturbing and dangerous trend.

How Teachers Unions Lead the Way to Better Schools

Amy Dean In These Times - Web Only Feature
Diane Ravitch upends the "bad teachers" narrative...The stakes for our country could not be more profound. The labor movement and the public education system are two critical institutions of American democracy. And they are two that go hand in hand. Teachers unions have played a critical role in advocating for public education, but you'd never know it from mainstream media coverage - there is a great need to lift up this tradition.

Larry Itliong - Forgotten Filipino Labor Leader Initiated 60's Grape Strike

Patricia Leigh Brown New York Times
In 1965, the year his father and 1,000 field laborers - the first wave of Filipinos to the United States, known as manongs - began the grape strike that set the stage for the boycott that would lead Cesar Chavez and thousands of farmworker families to create the nation's pioneering agricultural labor union, the United Farm Workers...On Sept. 8, 1965, Filipino farm workers organized by Mr.Itliong crowded into the Filipino Community Hall, where Filipino elders still gather

A Gold Star for the Chicago Teachers Strike

Karen Lewis and Randi Weingarten Wall Street Journal
After more than a decade of top-down dictates, disruptive school closures, disregard of teachers' and parents' input, testing that squeezes out teaching, and cuts to the arts, physical education and libraries, educators in Chicago said "enough is enough." With strong support from parents and many in the community, teachers challenged a flawed vision of education reform that has not helped schoolchildren in Chicago or around the country. It took a seven-day strike -

Bonnie Raitt Lights Up the World

Harvey Wasserman The Rag Blog
Bonnie has balanced an astonishing musical range with a message and a way of carrying herself that are firmly rooted in her Quaker heritage

General Strike in Greece Says 'We Won't Submit!'

Lefteris Kretsos Labor Notes
Greek workers carried out a 24-hour general strike today as 50,000 people demonstrated in Athens against austerity. The conservative coalition government is proposing $15 billion of further cuts to pensions and salaries...When Greece took an unfortunate pioneering role in the economic crisis, economic shock therapy meant that most working people saw their lives turned upside down in a matter of a few months..

The Truth Behind Won't Back Down

Julie Cavanagh Huffington Post
The film, Won't Back Down, is a work of fiction but claims to be based on real life events and tells the story of a teacher and a parent in a 'failing' school who join forces to 'save their school.'...Won't Back Down takes its viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride and clearly pushes the perspective that teachers and their unions prevent progress.