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The Deadly New GOP Plan To Rapidly Privatize Medicare

Thom Hartmann The Hartmann Report
Medicare Advantage is not Medicare: it’s private health insurance for seniors that’s largely paid for with our tax dollars. They make their money by routinely denying claims…


NYC Transit Retirees Join Fight Against Medicare Advantage

Joe Maniscalco Work-Bites
TWU Local 100 retirees opposed to the Medicare Advantage contract the union signed with Aetna are dreading January when their new privatized health insurance is slated to kick in. They were at the Marriott on Oct. 6 for a retirees meeting held at th

Biden Admin Delays Medicare Advantage Reforms

Jake Johnson Commondreams
"Medicare Advantage providers whined for months that they simply couldn't survive without being able to rip off the government, so the government said 'you can rip us off for just a little longer,'" said one critic.

How Not To Get Hoodwinked About Social Security Going “Bankrupt”

Josh Marshall Talking Points Memo
All the talk of Social Security “going bankrupt” or becoming “insolvent” is just plain wrong. This is just scare talk designed to convince people that big cuts to the program are necessary and inevitable. It’s simply not true.

Friday Nite Videos | April 29, 2022

Why Can’t These Republicans Remember What They Did on January 6th? An Evening with Brendan O'Hara. Starbucks' Illegal Union-Busting Campaign. Gorsuch Challenges U.S. Colonialism in SCOTUS Ruling on Puerto Rico. Sick, and Home All Alone.

Fever Pitch

Craig Sandler Public Citizen
A Surge in Opposition Lobbying and Advocacy Validates the Credibility of the Medicare for All Movement
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