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Fever Pitch

Craig Sandler Public Citizen
A Surge in Opposition Lobbying and Advocacy Validates the Credibility of the Medicare for All Movement

Inaccuracies and Bias in Draft MEDICARE & YOU Handbook

Center for Medicare Advocacy
The organizations assert that rather than presenting information in an objective and unbiased way, the draft Handbook’s information about traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage (MA) distorts and mischaracterizes facts in serious ways.

Gutting The ACA: The Opening Salvo In The Republican War On Seniors

Nancy Altman The Huffinton Post
While Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans campaigned on undoing the Affordable Care Act, no one ran on undermining Medicare or Medicaid. No one ran on undermining the health security of seniors. But the so-called repeal and replacement of the ACA would do just that.
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