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Friday Nite Videos -- February 27, 2015

Jon Stewart challenges Fox to a lie-off. Beethoven and the epigenome. The evolution of religion. Men in skirts protest violence against women in Turkey. 'Chuy' Garcia for mayor of Chicago.

Baba Brinkman - Religion Evolves

Baba Brinkman, a Canadian hip-hop performer with an intellectual bent, sexy beats and sumptuous lyrics, tackles where religion comes from, what purpose it serves and how it evolves. NYT: "like attending the best Ted Talk ever." See him at the Soho Playhouse in NY, or get his album (pay what you want) here.

Baba Brinkman – So Infectious

Ebola. Measles. Bird flu. Get the straight dope from this "rap guide to infection" from the creator of the Off-Broadway hit show "The Rap Guide to Evolution."

Friday Nite Videos -- June 14, 2013

Conservatives applaud President Obama's PRISM program. Mavis Staples' One True Vine released. The Rap Guide to Evolution. Maurice Sendak Google Doodle. Lewis Black's Future Tech. Richie Havens opens Woodstock.

Natural Selection, the Rap Guide to Evolution

A track from Baba Brinkman's album The Rap Guide to Evolution, sponsored by the Wellcome Trust. Also rapping and breaking: Charles Darwin, Sarah Palin, and Richard Dawkins.

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