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Faces Places | Movie

Agnès Varda's recent academy award nominated film Faces Places, starring Jean-Luc Godard, JR, and Laurent Levesque. For an obituary of the influential New Wave filmaker, who died last week, see here. Her 1968 short on Huey Newton and the Black Panthers can be viewed here.

The Unexpected Afterlife of American Communism

Sarah Jaffe New York Times
The Communist Party U.S.A. had its greatest successes as the country reeled from the Depression. Today, as we are still picking our way out of the rubble left by the crash of 2008, left-wing ideas have gained new purchase.

The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther

Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez Democracy Now!
On December 4, 1969, Chicago police raided Hampton’s apartment and shot and killed him in his bed. He was just 21 years old. Black Panther leader Mark Clark was also killed in the raid. Authorities claimed the Panthers had opened fire on the police who were there to serve a search warrant for weapons, evidence later emerged that told a very different story: the FBI, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Chicago police conspired to assassinate Fred Hampton.
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