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Supporting Dictators is NOT Anti-Imperialism

Meredith Tax ROAR
Fed -up with the imperial adventures of their own western capitalist governments, some radicals wrongly side with foreign dictators in the name of anti-imperialism. The book under review aims to move beyond a disabling “the West and the rest” binary.

The Srebrenica Precedent

David N. Gibbs Jacobin
A truly pivotal event in the post–Cold War era, Srebrenica helped forge a pro-interventionist alliance of both militarist liberals and conservatives. This alliance remains a potent lobby for war to the present day.

The Women’s Court: A Feminist Approach to Justice

Karima Bennoune (Interview) Peace is Loud
"At the Women’s Court, women testified courageously of their experiences of losing family members to massacres, of mass rape and kidnapping, and of ethnic persecution. They demanded that such events never be repeated. This feminist re-imagining of a court in which women victims are the central focus was very inspiring and thought-provoking to me as an international lawyer."
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