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The Radical Atmosphere of the Red Clyde

Jean McNicol London Review of Books
Three new books tell the tale of Glasgow’s radical Clydeside, when militant shop stewards and the longshore community during and post World War 1 rose up against war and attacks by capital, fighting for labor dignity and a fair society for all.


We Need A Strong Trade Union In Every Workplace

Jeremy Corbyn The People's Daily Morning Star
Unions are the most effective force for social equality, writes British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. He recalled that Keir Hardie -- who 120 years ago became the first unionist to enter Parliament -- didn’t just fight for workers, he fought for universal suffrage, a universal pension, free education for children, decent homes for all, against powerful monopolies and for peace.


Where Do We Go Now?

Keith Ewing The People's Daily Morning Star
In the bleak political landscape following the British elections, trade unionism faces a huge challenge -- a challenge of leadership, a challenge of purpose and a challenge of survival. We need a new, clear vision to lead the movement not for the next five years but for the next generation — a vision that questions organisational activity, as well as industrial and political strategies.
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