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Unprecedented Spending A Threat to Voting Rights, Unions in Illinois

Curtis Black Chicago Reporter
Gov. Bruce Rauner is on track to spend $50 million on legislative races this year. Even for a guy like Rauner, that’s a lot of money– nearly twice what he spent on his own campaign two years ago. Two Rauner allies, billionaires Ken Griffin and Richard Uihlein, are also spending tens of millions of dollars. The end game is taking down unions and squelching voting rights.

Chicago Teacher Union Chief Blasts Rauner, Says Union Will Not Back Down

Juan Perez, Jr. Chicago Tribune
"Bruce Rauner ran on a platform about nothing," Lewis said Monday at a City Club of Chicago luncheon. "He's wasted no time attacking the wages of working-class people, attacking their labor unions and threatening massive cuts to social service programs, which help the most vulnerable people in our state.
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