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Integrity Always Pays

Yarri Kamara Africa is a Country
On justice, impunity and ridicule: the historic outcome of the 2022 trial in Burkina Faso against Thomas Sankara’s killers.

Tidbits - April 16, 2015 - Chicago election; Police Killings; Prisons; Jewish Anti-Zionism; Charter Schools; Cuba; Culture...more

Reader Comments - Chicago election; Police Killings; Reparations; Prisons; Jewish Anti-Zionism; Charter Schools vs. Public Schools; Cuba; Latin America; Iran; Burkina Faso; Guatemala; Scientologists; Game of Thrones; Science Fiction and the Hugo Awards; San Francisco and Labor History; April 26 - Peace and Planet for nuclear abolition; Remembering Jim Knutson

Burkina Faso: Liberation not looting

Firoze Manj Red Pepper
The mass movement that forced the resignation of Burkina Faso's government last October has been neither diverted nor defeated as shown by recent protests that led to the resignation of the current government. They are inspired by the desire for development of the country’s productive forces, which implies liberation, emancipation, hope and human progress, given voice by Thomas Sankara before his assassination in October 1987.

What You Should Know About the Revolution in Burkina Faso and Why It’s Important

Tristan McConnell GlobalPost
Popular protests last week forced out the man who had run the West African nation of Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) for the last 27 years. Ousted President Blaise Compaoré was a key ally of US. However, one military ruler was immediately replaced with another as the army stepped in after days of angry demonstrations. Domestic, regional and international demands are growing for a swift transfer of power into civilian hands. But will it happen?
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