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Slavery Was Crucial for the Development of Capitalism

Robin Blackburn, Owen Dowling Jacobin
Historian Robin Blackburn has completed a trilogy of books that provide a comprehensive Marxist account of slavery in the New World. He spoke to Jacobin about the intimate links between the slave systems in the Americas and the origins of capitalism.


Limitarianism: The Case Against Extreme Wealth

David Rosen New York Journal of Books
This study, writes reviewer Rosen, "assesses the growing gap between that super-rich millionaires and billionaires and ever-increasing number ordinary people who populate the planet."

The Fed Is Behind the Credit Card Merger

Matt Stoller The Lever
If Capital One is allowed to acquire Discover, it’ll gain access to a government loophole allowing it to raise prices and reduce competition.

How Private Equity Conquered America

Chris Hedges and Gretchen Morgenson Scheerpost
Blackstone, Apollo, and a handful of other firms are demolishing the US economy for short-term gain, and leaving workers and communities in the wreckage.


How Can Workers Organize Against Capital Today?

Benjamin Y. Fong Catalyst
John Womack’s labor strategy is about workers finding the capacity to "wound capital to make it yield anything.” But the massive challenge in today’s deindustrialized economy is locating where that leverage actually lies.

Funhouse Mirror

Christopher L. Brown London Review of Books
‘Perhaps the greatest shame of the Atlantic slave trade was that it inspired no shame at all. In their own time, Britain’s slave traders were men of distinction: “worthy men, fathers of families and excellent citizens”

The Dominance of Platform Foods

Arun Gupta Dissent
Pizza, burgers, and tacos are not only delicious, they are essential to how capital shapes our lives.

A.I. Belongs to the Capitalists Now

Kevin Roose New York Times
The fight over OpenAI was at least partly about dueling visions of artificial intelligence. One side clearly won out.
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