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Is Indonesia's Fire Crisis Connected to the Palm Oil in our Snack Food?

Lindsey Allen The Guardian
The widespread burning of tropical rainforests and peatlands to develop pulpwood and palm oil plantations is one of the largest sources of carbon pollution occurring in the world today. The fires are due to a broken system of international commodity production that will take all of us at both ends of the supply chain to fix. This will necessitate holding Western companies accountable for the consequences of their global operations.

Mel Packer: Coal Miners Are Mad…and Scared. And they have a right to be.

Mel Packer Vox Populi
Why are union miners falling for the company line that there’s a “war on coal” when the coal and gas companies are really making a war on ALL of us, on our planet, on our children’s futures and certainly on those very miners who are marching on behalf of the coal companies?

Myths and Facts About EPA’s Carbon Pollution Standards

Denise Robbins Nation of Change
The Environmental Protection Agency's forthcoming regulations on greenhouse gas emissions will provide legally required protection for the health and welfare of Americans at a cheap cost, while allowing states flexibility -- contrary to media fear mongering about the landmark standards.

The 95% Doctrine - Climate Change as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Tom Engelhardt TomDispatch
When we speak of WMD, we usually think of weapons -- nuclear, biological, or chemical -- that are delivered in a measurable moment in time. Consider climate change, then, a WMD on a particularly long fuse, already lit and there for any of us to see. From oil wells to fracking structures, deep sea drilling rigs to platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, the machinery that produces this kind of WMD and ensures that it is continuously delivered is in plain sight.

Why Won’t Big Automakers Build the Car of the Future?

Jason Fagone Wired
The big automakers aren’t rethinking the automobile from scratch, from the ground up. They’ll bolt the future onto the bones of the past. And if the big guys won’t lead, the little guys will.
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