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Pope Francis and the Battle Over Cultural Terrain

Gary Olson Counterpunch
From the outset of his papacy, Francis sought to alter the landscape by vocalizing how capitalism is the primary cause of social injustice. In doing so he became a marked man. We’re witnessing one site in the larger struggle for cultural terrain.


The Passion of the Bureaucrats

Tim Parks London Review of Books
It is striking how many Catholic organisations seem to do a whole range of lucrative things they were never set up to do, while still enjoying tax exemption as religious institutions. On closing these books many readers will feel that the only way out of the Vatican impasse would be to wind up the territory's anomalous statehood, hand it over to the Italian government and free the Church and above all Pope Francis to get on with their Christian mission. Right...


Review: "Spotlight" - Homage to Truth-Telling

Jonathan Merritt The Atlantic
Prior to the Boston Globe’s investigation, the sexual abuse of minors by priests was one of the Catholic Church’s worst-kept secrets. Spotlight's telling of the Church’s sex abuses reminds viewers how good, honest journalism has the power to transform a community.
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