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World Chess Championship: Two Wins for Defending Champ!

Oliver Roeder, Graphics by Simran Parwani FiveThirtyEight
Game 8, defending champion a commanding lead in the match, thrashing Nepomniachtchi in 46 relentless moves over four hours. Game 6, longest game in Chess Championship history, queen and bishop verses rooks and knight.

Neither Grandmaster Yields In A Chess Tug Of War

Oliver Roeder Five Thirty-Eight
A testament to the deep preparation and precise execution of the game’s master craftsmen — a drawn tug of war not between weaklings but between Goliaths.

Magnus Carlsen Is, Again, The World Chess Champion

Oliver Roeder FiveThirtyEight
“I think the results show that he’s the strongest player in the world,” Caruana said. “I look forward to the opportunity to make another bid for the title.”
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