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Organizing Pays Off: Brandon Johnson’s Chicago Win

Barbara Ransby The Nation
Movement organizers claimed a hard-won collective victory with Brandon Johnson's election. Now the Windy City’s first movement mayor faces a formidable array of challenges, testing him and the coalition that brought him into office.

King David and Boss Daley

Bobby Vanecko South Side Weekly
Professor Lance Williams traces the stories and conflicts of two powerful Chicago leaders, David Barksdale and Richard J. Daley, in a recent book.

Chicago’s Election Will Shape the Future of Public Safety in America

Eric Reinhart The TRiiBE
Johnson, a progressive, has been calling for change by implementing a public health approach to safety. Vallas, who has often identified himself as a Republican and represents the most conservative edge of the Democratic Party, has—in contrast to Johnson—been calling for the expansion of existing police-centric safety paradigms.
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