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How Ronald Reagan Made Genocide Possible in Guatemala

Benjy Hansen-Bundy, Robert Parry
Efrain Rios Montt, who ruthlessly ruled Guatemala in the early 1980s, is currently standing trial for genocide. The burden of justice and nation healing falls on the Guatemalan people: it is their dictator who stands trial and their people who suffered under him. But Americans (and Guatemalans) ought to remember that Rios Montt had big friends in Washington. President Bill Clinton apologized in 1999, saying that the U.S. support for the death squads "was wrong."

Venezuela Opposition Continues Protest - Is Coup in the Works

Virginia Lopez The Guardian (UK)
Coverage on unfolding events in Venezuela from the Guardian (UK). Nicolás Maduro accuses opposition of coup plot as poll protests turn deadly. Venezuela's president-elect likens demonstrations to 2002 attempt against Chávez as seven die in post-election violence. Venezuela's opposition make noise against Nicolás Maduro's victory. Election loser Henrique Capriles calls off march in favour of pots-and-pans protest as both sides trade accusations.

Top Ten Surprises of the Brennan Hearing on CIA Torture and Drones

Juan Cole
The confirmation hearing for John Brennan allowed the country to grapple with many issues that had been swept under the rug and seldom discussed in public. While few to none of them were resolved, it does seem positive that they were brought up in public.
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