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Solidarity Beyond the Crisis: How to Truly Build Back Better

Francisco Perez and Luis Feliz Leon Dollars and Sense
Joe Biden must be bold if he wants to truly build back, let alone build back better. The authors spoke to leading movement organizers and thinkers across the United States and asked: What does it truly mean to build back better?

How Unions Can Solve the Housing Crisis

Erik Forman In These Times
The labor movement once built 40,000 units of low-cost co-op apartments for working class New Yorkers. Those units are embers of a vision that once fired the labor movement: Build for human need, not for profit. Labor can build it again.

Depression Era Co-ops

Jonathan Rowe Yes Magazine
What History Books Left Out About Depression Era Co-ops It would seem that a movement that provided livelihood for more than 300,000 people in California alone would merit discussion in the history books.


Disrupting Uber

Vic Vaiana Jacobin
Driver-owned apps could end Uber’s exploitative reign over the ride-share market.

Worker Cooperatives Are More Productive Than Normal Companies

Michelle Chen The Nation
When maximizing profits isn't the only goal, companies can actually work better. Under worker-run management structures, co-ops might avoid the usual friction between bosses giving orders from above, and staff misunderstanding or disputing decisions or resisting unfair work burdens from below. Fusing the workforce and management streamlines operations and saves energy otherwise sunk into training and monitoring the workforce.


Why Unions Are Going Into the Co-op Business

Amy Dean yes!
A cooperative model places union members firmly in the role of being innovators. It allows the labor movement not only to promote a positive vision of members realizing their best selves in the workplace, but also to provide the skills that will enable people to do that.
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