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What Ilhan Omar Actually Said

Elizabeth Bruenig The Atlantic
No one should believe that Ilhan Omar thinks the United States is identical to the Taliban. Omar demonstrably did not say what she’s been accused of having said; what she did say was true...

Tidbits - June 7, 2018 - Attacks on Women's Health; Puerto Rico; Philadelphia Orchestra, BDS; Progressives, the Black Caucus; Religion; Civil Rights Unionism; NFL, tradition of protest; Resources; Announcements; more....

Reader Comments: Attacks on Women's Health; Puerto Rico - new hurricane season; Philadelphia Orchestra, BDS; Progressives and the Black Caucus; Separation of Church and State; Honor Vets, End Wars; Civil Rights Unionism; NFL, tradition of protest; Resources; Announcements: Madison-Jun 15 and more...

How the “Progressives” in the Black Caucus Have Shrunk to Almost Nothing

Glenn Ford Black Agenda Report
Two months prior to Brown's killing, on June 14, the full House voted on the Grayson amendment to halt the Pentagon's transfers of weapons and equipment to local police departments. Only 8 Black Caucus members voted for the amendment and against continued militarization of the police.

Black Lawmakers Hold a Particular Grievance With Facebook: Racial Exploitation

Yamiche Alcindor New York Times
Rep. Barbara Lee: “Now look at Facebook allowing ads by the Russian government to create this kind of environment. That’s a problem. I don’t know if they’re even aware of the history and how dangerous allowing the promotion of division and racial animosity and racial hatred can be.”

Conyers and Wilson to Form Full Employment Caucus

Ray Baker Crew of 42
The Full Employment Caucus is formed amidst a cry for the President to address growing income inequality and as Democrats in Congress push for an increase to the federal minimum wage.

Congressional Black Caucus Alternative Budget Fiscal Year 2014

Congressional Black Caucus Congressional Black Caucus
The CBC Alternative Budget for Fiscal Year 2014 puts forth a plan that reduces the deficit and alleviates harm inflicted by austerity measures in a responsible and fiscally sound manner. Furthermore, it proposes significant investments to accelerate our economic recovery and ensure that our recovery is felt in every community in America.
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