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2024 Trump Is Even Scarier Than 2020 Trump

Susan B. Glasser The New Yorker
In a speech to CPAC that failed to make many front-page headlines but should have, Trump vowed that, once reinstalled in power, his mission would be “retribution” for all the wrongs that he and his grievance-fuelled followers have suffered.

White Replacement Theory Is Fascism’s New Name

Jason Stanley and Federico Finchelstein LA Times
White Replacement Theory is a relatively recent label for old fascism. It is a rebranding of the long-standing fascist paranoias and lies about invasion and racial and political replacement.

White Nationalist Fringe Moves Closer to Center of GOP

Annika Brockschmidt Religion Dispatches
“Today, the United States finds itself at a crossroads. To the left, lies multiracial democracy; to the right a 'white Christian nation' or Herrenvolk 'democracy.'” It’s clear which path the Republican party has chosen. 

Friday Nite Videos | April 15, 2022

Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse: CPAC and the Hungarian Right. Jon Batiste | Freedom. Women of the White Buffalo | Movie. John Oliver | Data Brokers. Elon Musk's Mission: Make Earth Really Bad.

Ryan at CPAC

Terrance Heath Campaign for America's Future
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