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On Sovereignties and Solidarities

Julio César Guanche Zaldívar and Sara Kozameh NACLA
slogan painted on wall in Cuba The United States must abandon Cold War-era foreign policies and accept that Cuba is a sovereign nation free to define its political future— even if that means continuing socialism.

Tidbits - Mar. 5, 2020 - Reader Comments: 2020 elections, Bernie, the media; Coronavirus - Science, Trump, Pence, message from Wuhan, China; Iran Resources; Chile Webinar; Normalize US-Cuba Relations Conference; Rosenberg Fund 30th Anniversary; more....

Reader Comments: 2020 elections, Bernie, DNC, the media; Coronavirus - Science, Trump, Pence, message from Wuhan, China; Iran Resources; Chile Webinar; Normalize US-Cuba Relations Conference; Future of American Labor; Rosenberg Fund 30th Anniversary;

Cuba Feels the Pinch of the Trump Administration's Travel Restrictions

Mimi Whitefield Los Angeles Times
Despite the Trump sanctions that have included placing a number of hotels on a prohibited list for Americans, construction cranes tower over Havana neighborhoods near the sea, and government-owned and joint venture hotel projects are moving forward.

Tidbits - July 13, 2017 - Reader Comments: Trump's Revisionist History; Ransacking the Public Sector; Chile then, Venezuela Today; Beatriz at Dinner; Model Labor Resolution Against Cuban Blockade; New Book on Baseball's Radicals; and more...

Reader Comments: Trump's Revisionist History - Poland; Ransacking the Public Sector; Democracy in Chains; Paul Robeson; Chile then, Venezuela Today; Beatriz at Dinner; San Francisco Labor Against Cuban Blockade - Example for labor; Painters Union Calls for Release of Two Union Members from ICE Detention; New Book on Baseball's Radicals; Reality Winner Defense Launched; Global Platform for the Right to the City; National Screening: Arc of Justice-July 20th; and more...

Cuban Foreign Minister Responds to Trump Announcement - Cuba Will Not Make Concessions Essential to its Sovereignty and Independence, Nor Will it Negotiate its Principles or Accept Conditions

Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla Granma (Cuba)
Donald Trump announced in Miami the policy his government has decided to implement with regard to Cuba. These were announced in a Theater named after Manuel Artime, civilian leader of the mercenary brigade that invaded our country at Playa Girón or the Bay of Pigs. It was a grotesque Cold War-era spectacle, made before a small audience, composed of old henchmen and thieves of the Batista dictatorship, mercenaries from the Playa Girón brigade and terrorists...

The Critical Choices Facing Cuba Today

Paul Becker Portside
Among the accomplishments of the Cuban revolution have been the great strides made in the education of its entire people. Education is completely free from primary school through university. Cuba today has a literacy rate of over 96 percent, putting it at the top of all Latin America. But the struggling economy has not created the kind of economic opportunity that is commensurate with an educated population, particularly in the professions.

Cuba Through the Looking Glass

David Swanson Let's Try Democracy/Writing by David Swanson
The U.S. government is allowing tourists to bring home $100 worth of rum and cigars. And the U.S. State Department is working on a forthcoming list of products that Cubans can export to the United States. The list will not include numerous life-saving medicines currently unavailable in the United States, and not apparently because the U.S. government believes rum and cigars are better for its people than life-saving medicines. No, the reason is bizarre yet predictable.

Cuban President Raul Castro Delivers Speech on Cuba-US Relations

Raul Castro ACN - Cuban News Agency
Full text of Cuban President Raul Castro address to the Cuban people. "The heroic Cuban people, in the wake of serious dangers, aggressions, adversities and sacrifices has proven to be faithful and will continue to be faithful to our ideals of independence and social justice...As a result of a dialogue...which included a phone conversation...with President Obama, we have been able to make headway in the solution of some topics of mutual interest for both nations."

Upgrading Travel to Cuba in the New Year

John McAuliff Huffington Post
Last January Cuba gave greater freedom to it citizens than Americans possess when it abolished rules requiring government authorization of travel. Will the president respond and open the door further for us in the New Year?
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