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Why the American Left Embodies the True Spirit of Patriotism

Amanda Marcotte / Salon AlterNet
Don’t mistake the showy right-wing flag-waving and loud anthem-singing for patriotism. True patriotism resides with people who hope and believe that this country is capable of living up to the values enshrined in the Declaration of Independence.

Philadelphia’s Forgotten Spirit of 1776

Sam Pizzigati Campaign for America's Future
The struggle for independence upset the “politics of deference.” The colonial elites, explains historian Clement Fatovic, found it “more and more difficult” to reconcile “great disparities of wealth with the animating principles of the Revolution.”


Empowering Words

Steven B. Smith The New York Times Sunday Book Review
Last week, Our Declaration, by Danielle Allen, made PEN/America Center's shortlist for the Galbraith Award for Nonfiction. The prize goes to "an author of a distinguished book of general nonfiction" "notable literary merit and critical perspective" that highlights "important contemporary issues." Allen's book was published last year to a host of lively reviews. Here is one of the earliest, by Steven B. Smith. Also included below is a link to Allen's homepage.
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