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Friday Nite Videos | June 24, 2022

Jordan Klepper Shows Trump Supporters Jan. 6 Hearing Clips. The Pandemic's Unequal Toll. How Realistic Is Your Favorite Movie Dinosaur Scene? Lauren Boebert's Jesus Christ Superstar. In Buffalo's Black Community: "I Can't Promise Them Safety."

Fossils Document the Hour After the Meteor Hit

Robert Sanders Berkeley News
A meteor 66 million years ago killed and buried fish, mammals, insects and a dinosaur, the first victims of Earth’s last mass extinction. The death scene of the hour of impact has been excavated at an unprecedented fossil site in North Dakota.

Dinosaur's Feathered Tail Found Remarkably Preserved in Amber

An extraordinarily well-preserved dinosaur tail, with a fluffy covering of feathers, has been trapped in a piece of amber for 99 million years. Researchers from China and Canada identify it as a juvenile of some type of coelurosaur, a birdlike dinosaur that walked on two legs. 

Friday Nite Videos -- November 22, 2013

Stephen Colbert: Nuclear Option in the Senate. Woody -- All You Fascists Are Bound to Lose. Siats - A New Mega Dinosaur. Every Nuclear Test. Music Love Army: We Are Not for Sale.

Extinction That Paved Way For Dinosaurs Definitively Linked To Volcanism

John Timmer Ars Technica
A mass extinction caused by volcanic activity wiped out some of the dinosaurs' competitors, allowing them to assume ascendancy. Of course, another mass extinction, caused by a meteor impact caused their demise. Earth is not as hospitable to life as we might like to think.
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