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600 SUVs ‘Disarmed’ in One Night

Damien Gayle The Guardian
Tyre Extinguishers say ‘climate disaster’ vehicles targeted in nine countries including the UK, France and Canada .

Abortion Decision Demands Disruption

Judith McDaniel Times Union
The state laws that are now allowed by the Supreme Court in its Dobbs decision do not meet the conditions of a “just law.” We need to be loud and confrontational and disruptive in opposing them.


Amazon? There Has to be a Better Way

WADE RATHKE Stansbury Forum
Van parked on a street.  Amazon walking towards a house to deliver a package.n We have continued to practice organizing models that are not designed to organize the emerging monopolies and mass employment enterprises of these times.

Coming Home: Jeanette Lazam Returns to the I-Hotel

Estella Habal and Hilton Obenzinger Organizing Upgrade
The I-Hotel struggle helped to forge a unified Filipino community linking elderly immigrants from the early twentieth century and young people who were raising their consciousness of ethnic pride and their awareness of racial and class inequities.

Build New Infrastructure for a Broader Movement

Jeff Ordower Organizing Upgrade
There is need to invest in different structures, organizing alongside or outside of the traditional unions, base-building and nonprofit organizations for multi-year struggles, especially worker organizing and scaled disruptive direct action.

The Left Must Hit the Streets Again—Right Now

Osita Nwanevu The New Republic
The Biden presidency must be greeted with a historic amount of organizing and agitation. Otherwise, we’re done for. Politics should never be practiced with the expectation of ideal conditions.
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