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Time for the Big October Push To Beat the Right

Eddie Wong Convergence Magazine
The heat is on: Early voting has started. MAGA candidates are running strong. It’s not too late to get involved. Increasing numbers of votes for Democrats in battleground states helps lay the groundwork for more sweeping victories later. Here’s how.

Will Barriers to Black Voting Tip the Critical Battleground State of North Carolina?

Chris Kromm Facing South
One of the biggest reasons is likely the decision of 17 counties to adopt early voting plans, approved by the Republican-led state election board, that reduced early voting hours and locations, especially in the first week of early voting. Looking at the first week of early voting data, the research group Insightus noted the correlation of counties with reduced early voting options and lower African-American turnout.

Seven Early Voting Ideas to Improve Outdated Election Process

Diana Kasdan Brennan Center for Justice
A new report says that early in-person voting reduces stress on the election system and provides greater access to voting. Based on extensive research, the report recommends that all states and local jurisdictions implement these seven early voting policies to expand the benefits of early voting nationwide.
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