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This Week in People’s History, Dec 26-Jan 1

Ebola-related Personal Protective Equipment training session for healthcare workers Ebola Alarm Ignored (in 2013), Ma Rainey's Swan Song (1928), Endangered Species Act Too Young to Die (1973), Sinking Ship No Place for Rats (1958), Is THIS Emergency Response? (2013), Think Before You Drive (1938), Ho Chi Minh's Popularity (1963)

A Returning Ebola Volunteer: "Don't Pander to Fear"

Kathryn Stinson GroundUp
Kathryn Stinson, a South African epidemiologist, recently returned from fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone, travelled to Europe with Kaci Hickox, the American nurse later quarantined in a tent outside a New Jersey hospital. Stinson writes about the courage of health care workers there, her own 21 "post-mission" days, and the need to confront the "hysteria and stigma" surrounding returning staff from Ebola-affected areas with science and evidence-based insight.

Hints of Progress in the Ebola Fight

Dina Fine Maron Scientific American
The number of Ebola cases appear to be dropping in Liberia—but what will it take to stamp out the disease?

Nurses Emerge as Front Line 'Climate Workers'

Tamanna Rahman, Brendan Smith Truthout
Many of the most deadly diseases on earth - malaria, dengue and yellow fever, encephalitis and cholera - are highly climate sensitive, and are thriving as patterns of temperature, precipitation, and sea levels shift in their favor. They are spreading to new parts of the globe, including the US. Instead of celebrating the bravery of the nursing profession, politicians and media reacted to the Ebola outbreak by blaming nurses for their carelessness.

Tidbits - October 30, 2014 - Two Week's Worth

Reader Comments- Ebola, Capitalism, Cuba, Disease Control; Elections- Black Vote, Voter Restrictions; War against Islamic State; Detroit; U.S. Jews Debate Israel; Berkeley Free Speech Movement, Education- Philadelphia and Common Core; Mexico, NAFTA; Wealth Inequality; New Voters in Ferguson; Announcements- Black & Brown Unity Event-Los Angeles-Nov 8; New York City Labor Chorus Honoring Pete Seeger-New York-Nov 15; SHE'S BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE'S ANGRY-New York showing-Nov 16

What Cuba Can Teach the World About Disease Control

Conner Gorry The Guardian
Cuba’s commitment of 461 doctors and nurses to combat Ebola in West Africa is the largest single-country offer of healthcare workers to date to combat the crisis. But, this is not the first example of Cuba’s “unprecedented medical solidarity.” Cuba has also sent medical teams to assist the peoples of Guatemala, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Haiti in this past decade. And Cuba has a lot to teach the world about disaster relief and epidemic control.
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