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Dr. Billionaire, Meet Dr. Salk

Sam Pizzigati
Can we conquer disease without concentrating wealth in a precious few pockets? Not-so-distant history offers a clear and encouraging answer.

The Beatles and the Reagan Revolution

Sam Pizzigati
On this month’s 50th anniversary of one of the all-time edgiest Beatles tracks, our super rich have a special reason to look back fondly on the lads from Liverpool.

The Panama Papers Could Lead to Capitalism’s Great Crisis

Rana Foroohar Time magazine
The Panama Papers illuminate a key aspect of why the system isn’t working–because globalization has allowed the capital and assets of the 1 % (be they individuals or corporations) to travel freely, while those of the 99 % cannot. I think we’re heading towards a root to branch re-evaluation of how our market system works–and doesn’t work.

Hillary vs. Bernie vs. the 1 Percent

Sam Pizzigati Campaign for America's Future
Hillary Clinton's tax plan would result in modest decreases in after-tax income that would figure to irritate America’s most financially fortunate. But that irritation would likely turn to outright outrage if the Bernie Sanders proposals ever went into effect.

Bernie and the Movement

Bill Fletcher, Jr. Jacobin
Bernie Sanders is a boon to progressive politics. But we need a movement that rebuilds the networks and organizations of the Left.

What Do Our Wealthiest Deserve?

Sam Pizzigati Too Much
Our world’s billionaires don’t merit either their billions, the economist Didier Jacobs suggests, or the right to claim we’re all living in a ‘meritocracy.’

Equity, Growth and Community

Chris Benner and Manuel Pastor LAANE
Equity, Growth and Community, a new book by Chris Benner and Manuel Pastor

Sanders’ Strength? Millennials Back Socialism

Socialist? Populist? Progressive? Joseph Schwartz and Gar Alperovitz discuss Senator Bernie Sanders’ plans for extending democracy to the economic sphere and attacking inequalities in wealth and income.

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