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Trump Campaign and GOP Allies in Full Legal Panic as Recounts Could Create Electoral College Crisis

Steven Rosenfeld Alternet
In the past 24 hours, the Trump campaign and its GOP allies in the three states that gave him an apparent Electoral College victory after on November 8 have filed lawsuits and legal motions to block, delay and freeze the recounts. In the case of Michigan, where Trump’s lead is smallest, 10,704 votes, the state's Republican attorney general is arguing the recount's results should be ignored.

Stein Files Recount Petition in Wisconsin, Hillary to Help

Karoun Demirjian Washington Post
Wisconsin has the first deadline of the three states in question. If Stein’s campaign wishes to file recount petitions in the other states as promised, she must do so by Monday to meet Pennsylvania’s deadline, and Wednesday to meet the Nov. 30 deadline in Michigan.
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