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U.S. Elections: The End of Majority Rule

Steven Hill LA Progressive
The US, which has been teetering on the edge of a cliff for some time, is now starting to tip into an abyss of "minority rule medievalism.”

Make Election Day a National Holiday

Bernie Sanders Bernie Buzz
Sen. Bernie Sanders has proposed a bill to designate "Democracy Day" as a national election holiday to make it easier for Americans to vote.

Seven Early Voting Ideas to Improve Outdated Election Process

Diana Kasdan Brennan Center for Justice
A new report says that early in-person voting reduces stress on the election system and provides greater access to voting. Based on extensive research, the report recommends that all states and local jurisdictions implement these seven early voting policies to expand the benefits of early voting nationwide.

The End of the Solid South?

Chris Kromm The Institute for Southern Studies
Chris Kromm and Sue Sturgis at the Institute for Southern Studies argue in the latest issue of The American Prospect that a state can become both more progressive and more conservative at the same time, and that is actually happening in North Carolina -- creating an especially turbulent moment in the state's political history.

Nonprofit Spends Big on Politics Despite IRS

Michael Beckel The Center for Public Integrity
A cadre of wealthy business executives and conservative groups tried to sell California voters on new campaign finance reforms.Couched in lofty rhetoric about the importance of cutting off money from special interests to politicians and other regulations favored by reformers, their proposal sought to ban the practice of using payroll deductions for political expenditures — a popular method of union fundraising: The story of the American Fund and Proposition 32.
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