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Why Top Democrat Snubs Fight Against Deadly “Cancer Alley” Pollution

Oliver Laughland and Emily Holden The Guardian
Mary Hampton and Robert Taylor in DC. Cedric Richmond is a rising Democratic Party star and co-chair of Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign. The African American congressman is also one of the highest Democratic Party recipients of donations from the oil, gas and chemicals industries.

The Green New Deal Includes a Powerful Pledge to Indigenous People

Yessenia Funes Earther-Gizmodo
Protesters march against the Dakota Access pipeline. The Green New Deal is not perfect but it’s all we’ve got to credibly address the existential climate change crisis at a national level. And despite its imperfections it does include a powerful provision to protect the indigenous people of the U.S.

The 90 Million Gallon Nuclear Tragedy That Nobody Knows About

Linda Pentz Gunter BeyondNuclearInternational
A warning sign at Church Rock after the 1979 uranium tailings disaster. The uranium tailings spill at Church Rock, NM was the largest single release of radioactive contamination in US history. But the radioactive spill in this small Native American farming community is the nuclear accident that almost no one knows about.

From the Abused Heart of Coal Country, Warnings and Lessons On Next Steps

Lucy Duff Washington Socialist
Saving the land cannot be separated from saving the people, their livelihood, health and the best of their way of life, from the reach of profiteers. The first peoples, the new pioneers of mountain farms, veterans of mining, labor in unions and not, coal-resistance activists have tales that can teach their more modernized would-be helpers. Learn to listen. It will take patience and perseverance to renew coal country, and the rest of the Earth too.

US Military Burns Its Waste, a Tiny Black Community Pays the Toxic Price

Abrahm Lustgarten ProPublica
When a stockpile of aging explosives blew up at a former Army ammunition plant in Minden, Louisiana, the U.S. military had a public relations disaster on their hands. What were they going to do with the remaining 18 million pounds of old explosives? They shipped it to a plant in Colfax, a tiny, African-American corner of Louisiana, the only commercial facility in the nation allowed to burn explosives and munitions waste with no environmental emissions controls.

Standing Rock Sioux Claim ‘Victory and Vindication’ in Court

Robinson Meyer The Atlantic
A federal judge rules that the Dakota Access pipeline did not receive an adequate environmental vetting. The rulling in favor of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on Wednesday, handing the tribe its first legal victory in its year-long battle against the Dakota Access pipeline.
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