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‘This Is Our Time’: How Women Are Taking Over the Labor Movement

Chabeli Carrazana, The 19th USA Today
Over the course of the pandemic, the vast majority of essential workers were women. The vast majority of those who lost their jobs in the pandemic were women. And now the vast majority of those organizing their workplaces are women.

Eyes on the Prize 2017: Not Your Grandma's Civil Rights Strategy - Whose Streets? (Then and Now)

Jon Else Tom Dispatch
Jon Else, was the series producer and cinematographer for the classic TV documentary on the civil rights movement, Eyes on the Prize. His new book, whose new book, True South, is a moving look at the civil rights movement through one man's life, frames our present grim moment in the context of that remarkable history. It's a past worth remembering as the protest movement of the twenty-first century finds its way in a grim world.

The 1963 March on Washington Then and Now

Martin Bennett and Fred Glass Beyond Chron
The `new majority' of youth, minority, gay and lesbian, women, labor, and immigrant voters is the foundation of a new March on Washington coalition. A contemporary civil rights movement that incorporates immigrant rights, climate justice, reproductive rights, & marriage equality may converge with a revitalized labor movement committed to organizing low-wage, youth, and immigrant workers - to once again bring pressure from below to usher in a new era of progressive reform
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