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Morales Scathing Attack on Capitalism at UN General Assembly

Morning Star
"The underlying problem is in the model of production and consumerism, in the ownership of natural resources and in the unequal distribution of wealth." Today, 26 people in the world have the same wealth as 3.8 billion people.


The People are with Evo: A Glimpse at a New Bolivia

Rodolfo Machaca Yupanqui People's Dispatch
Rodolfo Machaca Yupanqui, the leader of the Unified Confederation of Bolivian Peasant Workers Union (CSUTCB): after being marginalized for hundreds of years, indigenous people are gaining rights. That is why we support Evo.

Bolivia After the "No" Vote

Bret Gustafson NACLA
Some progressives joined with the racist, reactionary right in opposing Evo Morales' bid for another term in office. They forgot that a ‘Yes’ for Evo was a yes for the longer history of struggle and hope for its future. As the gas bonanza enters difficult days, we can hope that the progressive ‘No’ of the NGOs and the bookish classes can return to the popular ‘Yes’ of the movements. For those on the edges of society, Evo had come to mean hope and possibility.

Bolivia's Morales claims re-election victory

Enrique Andres Pretel Reuters
Morales, who became Bolivia's first indigenous leader in 2006, will now be able to extend his "indigenous socialism", under which he has nationalized key industries such as oil and gas to finance welfare programs and build new roads and schools.
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