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Dispatches From the Culture Wars - December 10, 2019

SCOTUS Attacks Repro Rights / Fuel Industries Have Known All Along / Free Public Transit / E-Cars and Green Capitalism / Uberization / Jumping the Turnstiles / Sanders and Corbyn / UK Labour and Antisemitism / Chilean Women Change World Culture

Harsher Sanctions on Venezuela Will Only Worsen the Nation's Crisis

Mark Weisbrot The Hill
On Friday, a group of members of Congress published a letter opposing the threatened sanctions. It began, “We write to express our deep alarm regarding the escalating political, economic and social crisis in Venezuela and urge you to work with our regional partners to help prevent a civil war. We strongly recommend that you support negotiations mediated by respected external actors such as Pope Francis, who enjoys credibility with broad segments of Venezuela’s people.

Exxon - Oil, Oil Spills, Climate Denial and "America Uber Alles"

Erika Spanger-Siegfried; Antonia Juhasz Union of Concerned Scientists
Rex Tillerson stands a good chance of being confirmed as Secretary of State. His statements about climate change adaptation, whether, hubris, ignorance, or deception talking-it's a dangerous view. It's playing with other people's lives. So why does Rex Tillerson want a job that could easily be seen as a step down in power and influence? He has unfinished business, particularly in Russia, which he likely does not trust the Trump administration to handle.

Drowning the World in Oil - Trump's Carbon-Obsessed Energy Policy and the Planetary Nightmare to Come

Michael T. Klare Tom Dispatch
Donald Trump, at war with the American safety net, and the environment, not to mention the planet -- and that's before we even get to actual war, which will be overseen by a crew of Islamo- and Irano-phobes. If, as Klare points out today, Trump himself has a serious case of nostalgia for the America of his youth, with its untrammeled growth and its fossil-fueled wonders, don't think that nostalgia doesn't include military affairs, and future military adventures and wars.

ExxonMobil: Still Funding Climate Science Denial Groups

Graham Readfearn Desmog
Now the oil giant is facing lawsuits from a team of state attorneys general after investigations by Inside Climate News and the Los Angeles Times showed the company's own scientists were aware of the risks of burning fossil fuels in the 1980s.

Exxon Targets Journalists Who Exposed Massive Climate Cover Up

Lauren McCauley Common Dreams
"Exxon’s outrageous move to intimidate journalists and academics from doing their jobs is more of the same from a company that has been bullying the public and our elected officials for decades," David Turnbull, campaigns director for Oil Change International, told Common Dreams.

Chris Christie’s Epic Exxon Screw-up

Robert Hennelly Salon
Chris Christie's epic screw-up: Exxon giveaway is even more of an environmental disaster than thought. As public opposition to sweetheart pollution deal mounts, Chris Christie can't be bothered.

How Mankind Blew the Fight Against Climate Change

Bill McKibben Washington Post
Divestment won’t move Exxon Mobil directly — that’s impossible; the company is dug in, and someone else will simply buy the stock when it’s sold. But divestment will undercut the industry’s political power, just as happened a generation ago when the issue was South Africa.

Let Them Eat Carbon

Michael Klare TomDispatch
The giant energy companies are taking a page from Big Tobacco’s playbook. As concern over climate change begins to lower the demand for fossil fuels in the United States and Europe, they are accelerating their sales to developing nations, where demand is strong and climate-control measures weak or nonexistent. As in the case of cigarette sales, the stepped-up delivery of fossil fuels to developing countries is doubly harmful...
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