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University of Illinois, Chicago, Faculty, Supporters Picket Campus In Two-Day Strike

Justin Carlson Chicagoist
“Would I be standing here if it wasn't for my professors? How come my professors are getting paid less than McDonald's managers? I'm sure you all know the university has been making $250 million in profit every year for the past four years. Why can't just five percent of that go to our professors?”


UIC faculty union flexes its muscle with two-day walkout this week

Deanna Isaacs Chicago Reader
The University of Illinois at Chicago United Faculty successfully organized a union in 2012 but have not been able to reach an agreement with the administration on a first contract. The union is prioritizing higher wages, particularly for non-tenure track faculty, and a greater share of decision-making power in the university. They have called a two-day strike for the next two days.
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