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Fast Food Strike Tactics Are Debated

Micah Uetricht In These Times
Since the first such strike in New York City last year, the expansion of low-wage jobs and the accompanying decline of well-paying union jobs have become a big topic in the media and on the street. The strikes have legitimated walking off the job as a tactic for workers, even those without a union. In addition, some fast food and retail workers have won tangible gains as a result of their strikes.

Friday Nite Videos -- August 2, 2013

Bradley Manning spied for us. 50th anniversary March on Washington. Growing an artificial heart. Save Chicago public schools rally. iPhones made by iSlaves? Fast food workers strike: the third wave.


Strike For Day Seeks To Raise Fast-Food Pay

Steven Greenhouse The New York Times
Fast-food workers one day strike spreads to many cities. Workers at MacDonald's, Taco Bell, Popeye's, Long John Silver's and other restaurants hold one day strike demanding higher wages.
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