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California Opens the Public Banking Floodgates

Aaron Fernando The Progressive
The question at the heart of public banking may seem technical but is actually about political power. Public banking shifts power away from profit-motivated board members of corporate banks and into the hands of the people.

As EU Elections Approach, Europe Confronts a Cliff

Conn Hallinan Foreign Policy in Focus
With the hard right running left and the center-left abdicating, Euroskeptics could accelerate a continent-wide crisis. Global migration is on the rise as climate change drowns coastlines, river deltas and drought drives people out of arid climates.

It’s Not Only Necessary to Develop an Alternative to Globalization — It’s Entirely Possible

Walden Bellow Foreign Policy in Focus
It was the left who diagnosed the ills of globalization. So why is the right eating our lunch? Today global capitalism is in a period of long-term stagnation following the global financial crisis. The newer protests represent a far broader disenchantment with capitalism than the protests of the 2000s. The building blocks of an alternative economic model are there - sustainable development, de-growth, and de-globalization.

The New Global Financial Cold War

Michael Hudson / Bonnie Faulkner CounterPunch
The world is being split into two halves: the U.S. dollar orbit, and countries that the U.S. cannot control and whose officials are not on the U.S. payroll, so to speak.


Who Gets Excluded From the Modern Economy?

Experts on banking and labor markets offer their reasons for optimism and pessimism going into 2016.


Pension Bonds: State and Local Official Should Proceed with Caution

Aaron Kuriloff WSJ Money Beat
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback wants to make a decades-long bet that pension-fund returns will exceed current interest rates for taxable municipal bonds. “The use of pension bonds impugns an issuer more than a downgrade, because it shows they’re willing to saddle future generations with risk in order to make current budget discussions easier,” says Matt Fabian, a partner at Concord, MA-based research firm Municipal Market Analytics.


Lean And Mean Health Care

Greg Chern Against The Current
From the May/June 2014 issue of ATC. A thorough look at how the Affordable Care Act will change health care beyond just the consumer interaction. A useful resource for health care consumers, health care workers, and reform activists.

Sins of the Fatcat

Andrew Cockburn Harpers
... most people are aware that Wall Street crashed the economy and rode out of town scot-free, collecting unimaginably huge bonuses along the way. But vagueness breeds passivity. Fortunately, we now have Bob Ivry’s Seven Sins of Wall Street as an indispensable guide for tracking down live villains and unburied bodies. By the time you reach the end, all the sheer fury anyone with the merest flutter of a moral pulse felt back in 2008/2009 wells up again, white hot.
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