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Trying Again for Full Employment

Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg Dollars and Sense
As prominent progressives talk up a federal job guarantee, what can we learn from earlier attempts to legislate full employment?

Getting Back the American Dream

Roy J. Adams Portside
The American Dream, should be one of equality and inclusion, with fundamental rights of all Americans guaranteed. Unionization as a seamless aspect of democratic society; universal collective bargaining and full employment an essential policy goal.


A New Lucas Plan for the Future

David King Morning Star
Forty years ago, shop workers in Britain developed the Lucas Plan to save jobs by converting arms manufacturing to industrial production. The struggle for economic conversion, and against the deskilling of work through computer-controlled technology remains relevant today in the search for solutions to the environmental crisis and the employment crisis.

Reframing the Minimum-Wage Debate

Michelle Chen / David Howell The Nation / The American Prospect
Why “no job loss” is the wrong standard for setting the right wage floor.

Tidbits - July 10, 2014

Reader Comments - Defending Immigrants; Protecting Detroit's Water; Israeli and Palestinian Families Comfort Each Other; Hobby Lobby; Peoples Climate March; Overtime Pay; Global Action on Antibiotics; Homeopathy was quackery - readers respond; Full Employment and Shared Prosperity; Mapping Militarism; Limits of Corporate Citizenship; Abe Cohen - R.I.P. Seeger Family's Memorial Concert Series for Pete and Toshi - July 17 - 21 - New York City and surrounding area
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