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The War Upon Us

Jerry Harris Against the Current
This new book assesses the current state of global capitalism and the new social movements that have arisen in response to recent transformations in the system.


Religion of the Market

L. Benjamin Rolsky Los Angeles Review of Books
This new book is a contribution to our understanding of the last half century of both U.S. and global economic policy.


Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Democracy

Harry Targ Portside
In this new book, Jerry Harris traces the links between the current stage of the development of transnational capitalism and the decline of democratic norms throughout society. Harry Targ guides us through this terrain, and, along the way, raises some critical questions about the significance of Harris's findings for today's social movements.

Socialism and Workers' Self-Directed Enterprises

Richard D. Wolff MRzine
Socialists effectively challenged capitalism, often took and held political power, and influenced many academics, intellectuals, popular organizations, artistic projects, and so on. But now socialism’s growth in many places has stalled or reversed. Yet socialists still have the accumulated history, experience, and theoretical means to define a socialism for the 21st century that can rally, mobilize, and unify capitalism’s diverse victims and critics.
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