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Global Left Midweek – October 26, 2022

Latest from Iran, Brazil, Myanmar and more

Lula greets supporters in Curitiba, Brazil. Credit, Ueslei Marcelino/Reuters
  1. Iran’s Movements and Global Capital
  2. The Brazil Vote
  3. Signs of Life for the Italian Left
  4. Myanmar Focus
  5. The Truss Mess
  6. Afghan Women Raise the Alarm
  7. African People’s Climate Justice Declaration
  8. Indigenous Focus
  9. New Horizons in Senegal
  10. Webinar Series: A Long Hard Look at China


Women, Iran’s Movements and Global Capital

Laya Hooshyari, Özgür Güneş Öztürk and Jule Goikoetxea / transform! Europe (Vienna)

We are living a social revolution in Iran but saying that this revolution and movement is feminist strikes fear into hearts. This is not simply a struggle about the mandatory hijab, but a struggle against all the oppressions that Iranian women live every day, at home, at work, in the schools, on the streets, and in our personal and private spaces. Political Islamism is everywhere.

The Brazil Vote

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Forrest Hylton / London Review of Books

Sean Purdy / Socialist Project (Toronto)

Lula / Jacobin (New York)

Signs of Life for the Italian Left

Luciana Castellina / il manifesto Global (Rome)

The point from which we should start again is the interweaving of different actors who nevertheless have in common the awareness that participation arises when citizens are turned into protagonists.

Myanmar Focus

UK Goes Whoopsy-Daisy

Tariq Ali / New Left Review (London)

Josh Ryan-Collins / The Guardian (London)

Tristan Cross / Rolling Stone (New York)

Afghan Women Raise the Alarm

Alessandra Bajec / Equal Times (Brussels)

Despite being deprived of their basic rights many Afghan women and girls have refused to accept exclusion from public life. More and more women are standing up to the Taliban regime, finding a multitude of ways to counter the draconian restrictions enforced on them.

African People’s Climate Justice Declaration to African Governments

African Climate Justice Collective / African Climate Justice

Noting the frequency and intensity of climate crises in Africa that have brought us together in our diversity, we speak with one voice to call to the African and global leaders to take the matters of climate change seriously and ensure that climate justice is delivered urgently.

Indigenous Focus

  • The Amazon   Elizabeth Oliveira / Mongabay (Menlo Park CA)
  • Guatemala   Jeff Abbott / Waging Nonviolence (Brooklyn)
  • British Columbia   Christina (Hwa Song) Jung / CBC News (Toronto)
  • Colombia   Inés Santaeulalia and Lucas Reynoso / El País (Madrid)
  • Dominican Republic   Carlos Edill Berríos Polanco / Latino Rebels (New York)

New Horizons in Senegal

Ndongo Samba Sylla and Leo Zeilig / African Arguments (London)

While Senegal’s social movements play an important role as political regulators, in practice they’ve done more to resolve conflicts within the political oligarchy than open up new horizons for a genuine democratic politics. Given the inequalities and suffering linked to the Senegalese model of growth without development, we can expect that people will become more radical in their demands. 

Webinar Series: A Long Hard Look at China

Sophie Chen / Transnational Institute (Amsterdam)

As China’s global impact grows, it becomes increasingly important to deepen international understanding of China, to amplify voices from grassroots social movements inside the country and, more importantly, to show solidarity and learn from their experiences and resistance.