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Behind the Smokescreen: the End Goal of Trump’s War on Science

Emily Atkin The New Republic
EPA Director Scott Pruitt wants to undermine climate science not only because the best available science bolsters the policies he wants to repeal, but also because it will likely show his policies will cause preventable deaths due to pollution and higher temperatures. So, Pruitt and his allies are, among other tactics, trying to stack the EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board, which evaluates the science behind agency regulations, in his (and the polluters’) favor.

As Poor Countries Walk Out of Climate Talks, Venezuela Calls on Industrial Nations to Take Action

Amy Goodman Democracy Now
A group of 133 developing nations have walked out of a key part of the climate talks in Warsaw, Poland, amidst a conflict over how countries who have historically emitted the most greenhouse gases should be held financially responsible for some of the damage caused by extreme weather in nations with low carbon emissions. The United States, Australia, Canada and other industrialized countries are pushing for the issue to be put off until after the 2015 climate talks.
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