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Mexico Defends GM Corn Restrictions With Science

Timothy Wise Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP)
"If we win, we will challenge an entire model of production. It would be a huge achievement, setting an international standard. If our maize is defeated in its center of origin, we would see the same in other centers of origin for other crops."


Hardline U.S. Stance Ignores Non-GM Corn Opportunity for U.S. Farmers

Ken Roseboro and Timothy A. Wise Food Tank
U.S. farmers of non-GMO corn could earn premium prices, particularly attractive right now that corn prices fell more than 30 percent last year. U.S. trade officials prefer not to discuss non-GM opportunities but some farmers would welcome them.

The Fading Meaning of ‘GMO'

James Hamblin The Atlantic
The National Academy of Sciences is urging people to focus less on the process and more on the product.

Leave ‘Organic’ Out of It

Mark Bittman New York Times
Very few people can avoid struggling daily with the avalanche of bad food and the culture and propaganda surrounding it. Near-hysteria or simple answers lead to unachievable situations and nonsolutions. More effective would be shifting the food culture, the relevant business models and public policies - a gradual and concerted movement toward making production and consumption simply "better." That is what the good food movement should be about.

Scientists Say ‘No Consensus on GMO Food Safety’

Kaye Spector Nation of Change
An international group of more than 90 scientists, academics and physicians released a statement today saying there is no scientific consensus on the safety of genetically modified (GM) foods and crops.

Tidbits - September 26, 2013

Reader Comments - German Election; Average American Family Pays $6,000 a Year in Subsidies to Big Business; Monsanto and GMO Labeling; Pope Francis; Announcements - Political Economy of the Environment -- URPE Conference in Brooklyn - Oct. 5; A Message from Cynthia Nixon - Curriculum of Change Celebration - New York - Oct. 17; New Populisms and the European Right and far Right Parties (new resource)

Tidbits - May 30, 2013

Reader Comments: Terrorism, Drones, Afghanistan, Benghazi, Obama terrorism speech, Bradley Manning, Chicago Schools, Climate Change, Letter to "The Nation" from a Young Radical, Math, Malvina Reynolds, Africa, Asia, Hope Foye, Race & Biology, Peabody Coal, Bittorrent... Announcements - Gerald Horne keynote's Chicago Human Rights Awards - Jun 15; Film Premier - Camp Kinderland "Commie Camp" - New York - Jun 28; Jerry Tucker Memorial Conference, St. Louis - Oct 11-13
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