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Aging in California: Shattered Dreams, Broken Care Systems

Jim Crogan Capital and Main
This is one of a series of articles published by Capital and Main focusing on the systemic dysfunction that plagues the care services provided to the elderly and disabled in California, with a focus on the current battle over funding In-Home Supportive Services.

Innovations or Hucksterism? Three Little-Known Infrastructure Privatization Problems

Ellen Dannin, Truthout News Analysis Truthout
How will pay for high-quality transportation infrastructure, including roads, trains, bicycles, planes and other multimodal forms of transportation. Here are three under-reported infrastructure privatization issues we need to pay attention to. First, who actually benefits from and pays for infrastructure? Second, how are opinion makers talking about privatized infrastructure? Third, what is the quality of the process used to build large infrastructure projects?

The Long History of Privatization Failures

Ellen Dannin Employment Policy Research Network (EPRN)
We need to own up to is that privatization experiments, based on ideology rather than evidence, have created disruption, neglect, and harm to vital public services and infrastructure - and those effects have undermined the private sector which depends on high quality public services. We seem to have forgotten that the public sector has long created the environment and resources necessary for businesses to prosper.
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