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Will the Revolution Be Funded?

Zac Chapman and Nairuti Shastry The Forge
Organizers and researchers Zac Chapman and Nairuti Shastry examine how movements can build power by working within, without, and against philanthropy

Organizing Pays Off: Brandon Johnson’s Chicago Win

Barbara Ransby The Nation
Movement organizers claimed a hard-won collective victory with Brandon Johnson's election. Now the Windy City’s first movement mayor faces a formidable array of challenges, testing him and the coalition that brought him into office.

Broad Alliance Ousts Racist Memphis D.A.

Jeffrey Lichtenstein and Josh Adams Convergence Magazine
New Majority politics trounced a law-and-order scaremongering Shelby County, TN. This marks a major win for the national movement seeking criminal justice reform within the electoral arena.

Friday Nite Videos | December 16, 2022

Trump Humiliates Himself so Badly, Even Republicans Abandon Him. To the End | Documentary. Building Resilient Organizations. I'm The Guy Behind The Viral "Insulin Is Free" Tweet. Indict Us Too: Daniel Ellsberg on US Charges vs. Julian Assange.

Building Resilient Organizations

A discussion between Maurice Mitchell, National Director of the Working Families Party and Cyndi Suarez, Editor-in-Chief of Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ) about the inspiration behind Maurice's article "Building Resilient Organizations: Toward Joy and Durable Power in a Time of Crisis". Read the article.

Why Movements Need To Start Singing Again

Paul Engler Waging Nonviolence
Music is making a comeback in movement spaces, as organizers rediscover how song culture strengthens the capacity to create social change.

Grassroots Voices: How We Won Georgia

Linda Burnham Portside
Georgia was the epicenter of the struggle for political power in 2020 and is again a central player in 2022, with races for governor and U.S. Senate up for grabs. Here are the perspectives of four leaders in the organizing efforts that won Georgia.
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