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Friday Nite Videos -- July 1, 2016

A Special Fourth of July Message About Patriotism. More Torture Talk From Donald Trump. Homeless Man Joins Busker for Spontaneous Street Jam. Jesse Williams' Fiery BET Awards Speech. Jessica Williams Questions Sanders-to-Trump Supporters.

Save Alexander Hamilton. Dump Andrew Jackson.

Alexandra Petri Washington Post
The Treasury has finally decided to put a woman on our currency by 2020. Fine. Great. But what cretin decided to take Hamilton off of the $10 and let Andrew Jackson stay on the $20?

The Wanted 18: Movie Teaser

A documentary mooovie by Amer Shomali and Paul Cowan that maintains its sardonic humor while telling the story of one Palestinian village during the uprising against Israeli occupation in the 1980s and 90s. 

Thinking about Robin Williams, American Humor and the Troubled Mind

SAG-AFTRA; Stewart Acuff; Geoffrey Jacques; Patrick Murfin
Academy Award-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams committed suicide earlier this week. He was an artist that brought joy to millions. He starred in 80 films and over two-dozen television series. Yet few knew of his psychological demons, or about a family legacy steeped in the history of U.S. racism. These could be seen as both troubling and as a spur to creativity. Here are four takes on his life, work, and the tensions that may have informed his creative persona.
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