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Puerto Rico Governor Rosselló Resigns After Mass Protests

BBC British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Puerto Rico's Governor Ricardo Rosselló has announced his resignation after days of mass street protests in the US territory, when hundreds of thousands took to the streets of San Juan and other cities.

Puerto Rico Rises

Fernando Tormos-Aponte Jacobin
When Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane María, Governor Ricardo Rosselló hid the extent of the devastation and joked about killing political rivals. Now, those messages are public — and the Puerto Rican people are ready for an alternative.

The Scandal of Puerto Rico’s Botched Disaster Relief

Mark Weisbrot LA Times
Puerto Rico's oversight board has an enormous budget ... that mostly goes to advisers and consultants. The scale of the corruption is because Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States.

Puerto Ricans Want a Clean and Just Energy Future

Nithin Coca Equal Times
Private US and global ‘clean energy’ companies coming to the island, pose the danger of "green colonialism." Puerto Rico – dependent on imported fossil fuels and faraway corporations -- needs instead locally produced and controlled renewables.

Puerto Rico Has Not Recovered From Hurricane Maria

Lauren Lluveras The Conversation
To say that the island of 3.3 million has not yet recovered – from the damage or the trauma – is an understatement. One year after Maria, nearly every pillar of Puerto Rican society remains devastated.
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