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Why I am a Socialist

Rob Delaney Medium
Nobody “earned” a billion dollars. Nobody earned even a million dollars. And nobody deserves to have their life destroyed due to the financial implications of a child’s illness, or any illness.

Frederick Douglass Railed Against Economic Inequality

Frederick Douglass/Matt Karp Jacobin
The great abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass died 125 years ago. Today, Jacobin publishes never-before-transcribed articles from Frederick Douglass’ Paper denouncing capitalism and economic inequality.

Between the Great Migration and Growing Exodus: The Future of Black Chicago?

William Scarborough, Iván Arenas, and Amanda E. Lewis Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago
Inequitable access to public goods and economic opportunities must be immediately remedied, while continued consciousness of racial justice is necessary to ensure future changes in the city do not disproportionately disadvantage black residents.

Death And Texas

Liliana Segura The Intercept
Race Looms Ever Larger as Death Sentences Decline

Jobs, Jobs Everywhere, But Most of Them Kind of Suck

Eric Levitz New York Magazine
Gallup asked 6,600 U.S. workers what they saw as the defining characteristics of a “good” job, then used their answers to construct a “job-quality index.” As measured by the index only 40 percent of Americans currently have “good” jobs.
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