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Why Israel is Struggling to Find a Way Out of Its Political Deadlock

Jonathan Cook The Nation
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The sad reality is there is strong unity in Israel – over shared, deeply ugly attitudes towards Palestinians, whether citizens or under occupation. Paradoxically, the only obstacle to realizing that unity is Mr. Netanyahu’s efforts to cling to power.

Meet the Knesset Members from the Joint List; Netanyahu's Fear Mongering Attack on Palestinians - Rooted in Zionism

Allison Deger; Yousef Munayyer
Palestinian citizens of Israel - and their political parties - agreed on a most basic principle: there should be equality under law and in practice between them and Israeli-Jews. Everything else, the peace process, the two state solution, could fall to the side. Netanyahu's demographic fear-mongering is rooted in the foundation of the Zionist project in Palestine and demographic engineering to ensure political power remains in the hands of one ethno-religious group.

Right Wing Nation - A View from Jerusalem; Israelis Must Seize the Chance to Recover Quickly

Jeremiah (Jerry) Haber; Ari Shavit
Israel is not a liberal democracy that supports the flourishing of its citizenry. Democracy requires consent of the governed, and Israel controls, directly and indirectly, millions of Palestinians without their consent. There is a progressive, liberal, civil rights movement in Israel - the third largest list in the Knesset. The awful crisis of the right's victory is an unprecedented opportunity for us to learn from our mistakes and create a new mass movement.

Tidbits - March 19, 2015 - Lessons from Syriza and Podemos; 2016 elections; Prison Reform, Israel; Culture; and more...

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Meet the Israeli Jews Who Will Vote for the Arab Ticket

Judy Maltz Haaretz (Israel)
Thousands of Israeli Jews, many of them young and educated Tel Avivians, are casting their ballots with the country's perennial underdog...For the past 15 years I've been active in Hadash, but now, because the Joint List will be an even more powerful force in the Knesset, I feel more motivated than ever to vote,' says the 32-year-old doctoral student in anthropology. 'There is a real opportunity now to make a difference.'
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